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SmartSource: Your One Stop for
Primary Source Reports!

Get all the verification reports you need
in seconds through SmartSource's expansive list of automated primary source connections

Why waste your time going to each individual source when SmartSource brings them all together for you?

The primary sources you need to verify provider credentialing files, both at the national and state levels, are available on-line. We've done the "heavy-lifting" of creating interfaces to these sources so that you only need to make one stop to get the verification reports that you need to process files. Nobody has more sources available than SmartSource – it's the focus of our business! Don't be fooled by the "hyperlinks" to sources brought to you by other vendors.

What sources can you instantly query through SmartSource:

How does SmartSource help you? SmartSource gives you an easy way to take advantage of technology to reduce the time you spend on verifying credentialing files so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your job. So, here's what SmartSource will do for you:

  • Saves you time by reducing the time you spend on retrieving primary source reports
  • Helps you spend your time more efficiently by highlighting the reports that should you should review
  • Keeps you ahead of the market, because SmartSource is always adding new sources to its list
How do you use SmartSource? Like all CredentialSmart products, the beauty of SmartSource is that you don't have to change your credentialing system to use it! You can simply upload provider data and download reports right back to your system. Here's how you use it:

  • Using the SmartSource upload tool, import to SmartSource the data required for the primary sources you'd like to query
  • Select your sources, batch-up your providers and click "Submit"
  • Almost instantly, SmartSource brings back all the reports you selected, with any problematic reports flagged for your review!
  • Export your results to your credentialing system and be on your way!
  • Remember, you can use SmartSource with ApplySmart to get both application and verification data!