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The Most Trusted Solution for the Web-based Sharing of Hospital Affiliation Letters

Free up your valuable time and make your process more secure by using the PrivilegeXchange to Share Provider Verification Letters

Your time is at a premium, with an ever increasing list of professional demands. And the legal scrutiny surrounding the manner in which you share affiliation verification information on your medical staff providers has greatly increased since the Kadlec v. Lakeview decision.

Take the worry and hassle out of this process by participating in the PrivilegeXchange, the nation's oldest and most secure web-based repository for sharing affiliation letters with your colleagues at hospitals and health plans.

What are the benefits of using the PrivilegeXchange?

Saves time: First and foremost, the PrivilegeXchange will allow you to focus on the more pressing (and fun!) aspects of your job by greatly reduce the time you spend fulfilling verification letter requests.

Minimize your legal exposure: The PrivilegeXchange gives you the tool you need to provide consistent responses to requests in a way that generates a complete audit trail so you know which of your colleagues has downloaded a letter – and when!

Easy to use: You'll only need to take a few minutes setting up your PrivilegeXchange account – compare this effort to the hours you spend each week printing and mailing verification letters.

Interoperability with your credentialing system: You can use the PrivilegeXchange with any credentialing software system. All you need to do is generate a report from your system that matches the requirements of the PrivilegeXchange system and then upload!

Why not just use your software vendor's module? The PrivilegeXchange is a community resource for medical staff professionals. Instead of everyone using their own module so that you have to go to multiple sites to get letters on your providers, the PrivilegeXchange provides a single stop for all your verification letter needs! It builds a new primary source right in your backyard that you can always access!

How does the PrivilegeXchange work? Simplicity, flexibility and security are the guiding principles of the PrivilegeXchange. Here are the only steps you need to take:

  • Set-up your response letter through our easy-to-use on-line wizard
  • Upload the data you would like to include in your letters through our intuitive upload template, the most robust in the industry
  • Mark those providers that you DO NOT want to make available – perhaps because you're reviewing their file
  • Determine which of your colleagues CAN'T query letters for your providers
  • Sit back, relax and the let the PrivilegeXchange do the heavy lifting