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The Nation's Most Proven Credentialing-based Emergency Response System

Maximize All of Your Available Resources Through the CredentialSmart Emergency Response Management System (ERMS)

CredentialSmart and its clients understand that a successful response to an emergency is predicated on a technology infrastructure that not only enables proper advance preparation but also supports the nimble navigation of those unexpected events that always occur during the course of a disaster. CredentialSmart ERMS gives you the robust emergency response infrastructure that you need to do all of your prep work and handle anything an emergency throws at you.

All levels of government have successfully used the CredentialSmart system to respond to some of the world's most high-profile disasters. For example, the federal government, state emergency response units and city public health departments have used CredentialSmart ERMS to support successful responses to notable events such Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake. And, keep in mind, that that the components of CredentialSmart ERMS outlined below are underpinned by the company's leading commercial credentialing technologies used by thousands of users across the country on a daily basis.

Volunteer Registry: Through CredentialSmart ERMS, you'll get the information you need without burdening providers with a complex application process. Based on our many years of supporting credentialing application processing, we know just how to make volunteering easy for your health care providers.

Advanced Credentialing: Proper credentialing of volunteer health care providers according to emergency standards is a complicated process. CredentialSmart ERMS makes this process easy even for staff with little credentialing experience. The system includes the company's leading SmartSource technology which provides automated, real-time interfaces to the primary sources that you need to properly assess the skills and competencies of your volunteers

"Just-in-time," Spontaneous Credentialing: During a response, the last thing you want to do is turn away qualified volunteers from supporting your effort. But, the liability implications of using volunteers that haven't been properly vetted are quite real. Through its SmartSource technology, CredentialSmart ERMS gives you the tool you need to immediately verify the credentials of on-site volunteers and make the most of their skills while eliminating liability.

Hospital Coordination and Verification: Your area hospitals and health departments are vital participants in a complete and coordinated response. CredentialSmart ERMS gives your hospitals a simple-to-use yet powerful technology that unites your joint efforts. And, through the embedded PrivilegeXchange technology, hospitals can securely share affiliation data with CredentialSmart ERMS. Now, in addition to primary source reports, you'll know the privilege level your providers have received from the exhaustive and complete credentialing process required by their organization.

Event Management: CredentialSmart ERMS gives you the flexible system that you need to successfully deploy and manage volunteers across multiple sites while including other core participants, such as local first responder agencies.

Data Sharing: Responses often reach across state or even national borders. The hallmark of all CredentialSmart's technologies is the ability to bridge technical divides by sharing data. CredentialSmart ERMS includes an interoperability module that not only enables you to securely share data with other Credentialsmart clients but also your colleagues who may be using a different system.
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