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Automate Every Function of
Your Credentialing Process

Harness the Power of the Internet to Streamline your Credentialing Process

CredSmart serves as the unifying platform of the CredentialSmart suite of products. ApplySmart, SmartSource and the PrivilegeXchange all plug directly into CredSmart, providing your organization with the industry's leading start-to-finish Web-based credentialing platform. With CredSmart, you can enjoy all the robust functionality of traditional windows based systems through the Web! The CredSmart system enables an unprecedented level of configurability for clients, so whether you're a small hospital, a large, multi-entity health system, or an insurer, the CredSmart system supports your unique needs and workflow.

CredSmart System Features: To be frank, most credentialing systems provide the same functionality. The magic in what we do is how easily our system supports your use. Some the features available in the CredSmart system include:

  • Entering and maintaining provider data;
  • Auditing that ensures all required provider data and documents are included in a file;
  • Managing a provider's appointment status at one or multiple facilities;
  • Processing, tracking and completing verifications – don't forget about SmartSource;
  • Generating and printing provider profiles;
  • Scanning and storing provider credentialing documents;
  • Entering and managing your own unique privileges, including laundry list, core or both!
  • Customized user roles with screen level access, so now you can give your medical director or credentials committee just the right level of access to data
  • Batch updates to provider credentialing data
  • Comprehensive letter and reporting engine that outputs to MS Word, PDFs or Excel
What Makes CredSmart the Right Choice for You? Given that most credentialing systems support the same range of functionality, we suggest you look at the value the systems create for your organization based on price, implementation and on-going support. Here's how the CredentialSmart way is unique:

  • Pricing: Our "one-price all-users" pledge gives your organization unlimited system usage, so now you can create customized user roles for all your colleagues at no additional charge!
  • Upgrades: Sick of getting "nickeled and dimed" for new features from your current vendor? Not with CredSmart! You'll always have access to enhancements and new features with your basic licensing fee
  • Implementation: Many software vendors make their money by gouging clients during the implementation process. With our system, we provide you with data import tool so that you can upload your data ON YOUR OWN from your outgoing system
  • Premier Support: We provide you with the tools and resources you need so that you, your colleagues and your providers can easily use our system; however, if you need assistance, you'll always find ready support with our Help Desk