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TurboTax for Credentialing Applications: Reduce to Minutes the Time You Spend on Collecting Applications from Providers

Are you tired of the hassles involved in collecting initial and recredentialing applications from your providers? You know there's a better way. At CredentialSmart, we agree.

You are no longer limited to only those options available from your credentialing software provider. Technology has evolved to the point that you can now use different vendors for different business needs. Some vendors are better at one thing than another. And, as the market has confirmed, ApplySmart is your best choice for streamlining the application component of your credentialing process. The ApplySmart system is used by credentialing organizations across the country and can be used with your existing credentialing system.

What is ApplySmart? It is a simple-to-use and configurable Web-based technology that connects your organization to affiliated providers for the purposes of electronically transmitting credentialing applications.

Now, here's the important part: ApplySmart enables you to collect not only the data you need but also all of your supporting documentation that completes your credentialing "packet," including copies of licenses, attestations and privilege forms. What other features make ApplySmart the right choice for you?

  • Providers can send applications to all of their hospitals and health plans
  • Individual and group accounts for your providers – they do not change data in your database!
  • Data pre-population of provider ApplySmart accounts available from your credentialing system
  • Turbo Tax-like functionality that audits providers' application for completeness based upon YOUR organization's specific requirements
  • Document attachment that enables providers to easily attach the documents you need
  • Application tracking that allows providers to track the status of their application at your organization (optional)
  • Instant Primary source verification reports by using SmartSource too!
Why ApplySmart is Unique? We have learned that the key to using technology to eliminate the resource burden of application processing is providing a system that is intuitive and easy for providers and credentialing staff to use. As the pioneer in web-based application processing, we have consistently refined our approach to ensure that it supports the specific needs of your providers. And, philosophically, we know that large database-drive approaches do not work. Our approach is an "exchange" model that guarantees you have the most current data from your providers and that you have the full time period associated with either TJC or NCQA standards to complete the credentialing process.