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The Right Team to Solve the Credentialing Connectivity Problem

CredentialSmart is the industry's proven leader in developing web-based technologies that streamline the processes involved in health care provider credentialing. Founded in 2000, the company's solutions are used nation-wide by commercial credentialing organizations as well as by public-sector emergency response organization. CredentialSmart's innovative approach to eliminating the delay and frustration involved in credentialing has established its management team as industry thought-leaders with a specific expertise in securely leveraging interoperable technologies to bridge the divides that slow credentialing down. Team members have presented at such esteemed forums as the National Credentialing Forum (NCF) and the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) executive committee.

Our Inspiration: Do you remember the time when you could only use your ATM card at one of your bank's ATMs? Now, you can use your card at any bank across the world. How did this happen? Innovative technology companies created an interoperable technical infrastructure that connected ATM machines to the different financial databases used by the myriad banks. Consumers enjoyed a seamless experience – except the occasional surcharge – while financial institutions did not have to change the way they managed data internally.

CredentialSmart is applying the same "connectivity" model to the credentialing industry. The technical fragmentation between providers, credentialing organizations and primary sources unnecessarily slows down the process and, frankly, has created dissatisfaction among all participants. With CredentialSmart's menu of interoperable products, you can wire-up your credentialing community without requiring you or your colleagues to make changes to how you do business.

Our Approach: The hallmark of our approach is interoperability. We appreciate that many credentialing organizations use one of the great database vendors in our industry to manage their daily credentialing tasks. At CredentialSmart, we've created the solutions that will work with these systems while providing you with the connectivity that you need to accelerate your credentialing process. Our business expertise is different than that of your software provider. We specialize in securely moving data. Of course, using a different vendor for application processing or primary source verification is a different way of thinking for many credentialing professionals. We've proven our model with many of your colleagues across the country and we encourage you to evaluate our approach. The future is now.
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