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Find Unmatched Value in CredentialSmart's
Small Hospital Offering

Choose the Entire CredentialSmart Platform or One of its "Best in Class" Solutions for Application Processing and Primary Source Verification

We don't like the fact that most small hospitals are priced out of superior technology. The Internet is the great equalizer and, if a company is committed, they can bring their technology to hospitals both big and small. At CredentialSmart, we have this commitment. So, we've packaged our leading-edge credentialing technology – the same systems used by federal emergency response units – into an affordable, value-based solution that meets the specific needs of your facility. Our small hospital offering includes the entire suite of CredentialSmart products – CredSmart, ApplySmart, SmartSource, and PrivilegeXchange. Here's why our system is a great fit for your facility:

  • It's easy to use: You won't have to spend days learning the system or incur expensive training fees
  • It's easy to start: You can start immediately without having to request assistance from your already over-burdened IT staff
  • Its affordable: We understand your budget constraints which is why we have created our "One Price, All Users" offering

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" The CredentialSmart system is an amazing value. It gives smaller facilities access to leading edge technology that are used by very large organizations. And, we were their first hospital client nine years ago! "

Joan Naines, CPMSM, CPSC
Medical Staff Coordinator, Morris Hospital