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Multi-Entity Organization:
We Understand Your Complexity

Choose the Entire CredentialSmart Platform or One of its "Best in Class" Solutions for Application Processing and Primary Source Verification

The health care delivery system is becoming increasing complex, as organizations integrate both vertically and horizontally. Your credentialing platform needs to empower this expansion, not impede it. The hallmarks to CredentialSmart's philosophy are flexibility and configurability. These design principles are most visible in CredentialSmart's industry leading multi-entity solution. You'll have the following options:

  • Multiple configuration options which allows you to determine how exactly you need to share information across your system
  • Centralized or de-centralized file verification and privilege management
  • Corporate and sub-organization level reporting
  • Customizable user roles for all enterprise staff
  • Ease of implementation through self-service data upload portal

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" The CredentialSmart system gives us the flexibility to accurately verify and maintain credentialing within our statewide organization. Potential applicants, existing providers and credentialing team benefit from the system's overall efficiency and simplicity to use. "

Alisha Reynolds,
Manager, Professional Development, Medical Services Division
California Prison Health Care Services