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Look Beyond Your Database Provider:
Get Ahead of the Rest with CredentialSmart

Choose the Entire CredentialSmart Platform or One of its "Best in Class" Solutions for Application Processing and Primary Source Verification

Do you have an existing credentialing software provider? Most likely. And, you may be surprised to hear this, but we don't mind if you like the system you have.

Why's that? Because at CredentialSmart, we've created a set of products that you can use with your existing credentialing system – or bundle together to create a unified, start-to-finish credentialing system (just in case you you're unhappy with your current database). Either way, you'll be a leader among your peers. Thanks to CredentialSmart, technology in the credentialing world has finally caught up to other industries. You can now look outside of your database provider to meet specific needs, such as streamlining your application process or reducing the time you spend on primary sourcing your files — without losing control of the process.

What's on Our Menu? Our offerings that work with your existing credentialing are ApplySmart , SmartSource and PrivilegeXchange. You can use ApplySmart and SmartSource together to experience 8-minute credentialing first-hand. How does it work? Our industry leading import/export technology is the shorthand answer. Here's the most important component of our approach – these products aren't the expensive "modules" that you're used to purchasing from your software provider. Our model takes out the risk. You simply pay for what you need as you go!

The Whole Enchilada? Do you need a complete solution? Well, we're pretty proud of our CredSmart credentialing platform, which ties together all of our products into one simple yet powerful solution. The CredSmart system provides you with leading-edge functionality that reduces the time you spend on daily medical staff activities. And, the system includes our "One Price, All Users" pledge. With CredSmart, you give your colleagues across your facility just the level of access they need.
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