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You know there's a better way to streamline application processing and file verification for not only your staff but also for your providers. Now, you can look beyond your database provider for these innovative solutions. Technology has evolved such that you can now efficiently – and affordably - use "best of breed" solutions for different business needs. You're no longer confined to the technical boundaries imposed by your software vendor. You're probably familiar with first generation applications solutions such as the CAQH. Well, the market has continued to innovate, with CredentialSmart leading the way. We've paid attention to why other technologies have fallen short and have incorporated their lessons into our technology.

Streamline Application Processing:

Why Choose ApplySmart Over Other Application Processing Solutions?

  • You get exactly what you need, including documents and attachments specific to your packet
  • It's the most provider-friendly solution on the market
  • Our "distributive model” ensures you'll receive the most current provider data available
  • Your providers can use ApplySmart with their hospitals too!

Expedite File Verifications:

Why Choose SmartSource Over Other Primary Sourcing Technologies Included in Your System?

  • We have the most sources available, with a list that's always expanding
  • We have real-time interfaces to primary sources, not just web hooks
  • SmartSource tells you when you have a report you need to review
  • It's the focus of our business – creating interfaces is our core competency
" With ApplySmart and SmartSource, it now takes only minutes instead of weeks to complete credentialing files – from application to approval. "

Susan Tramonte,
Credentialing Manager, WEA Trust