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Connecting Communities through Interoperable and Configurable Credentialing Technologies

CredentialSmart's Communicative Technologies Provide the Flexible Infrastructure Needed to Streamline Credentialing across Your Community

The credentialing industry has a long history of attempted collaboration. Industry leaders have long recognized that a properly structured group initiative can greatly reduce credentialing costs and the improve satisfaction of all participants. Up to this point, these efforts have been thwarted by inadequate technology that couldn't match the vision of these thought leaders. The result? The subtleties and nuances critical to successful credentialing have undermined these initiatives.

We built our solutions with a community-wide application in mind. In fact, we used the banking industry's ATM system as our inspiration. We have created the infrastructure that connects the many different systems used by credentialing organizations, just like the ATM system wires up the myriad databases used by the world's banks.

Today, our flexible products underpin many collective efforts, from state-wide initiatives to local collaborations. Our ApplySmart application processing, SmartSource primary source verification and PrivilegeXchange hospital affiliation products provide the flexible and low-cost infrastructure needed to maximize your initiative's participation and efficiencies. Why are CredentialSmart's products your best choice for streamlining credentialing in your community?

Everybody gets what they need: The flexibility built into our products guarantees your initiative will not be undermined by a "one size fits all" technology. Instead, all of your constituents will get exactly the data they need. For example, our ApplySmart application processing solution does not give you a generic application feed. You specify the data, documentation and attachments that your organization needs.

Nobody cedes control: Past initiatives have fallen prey to a loss of control by participating organizations. With our approach, each organization maintains control of its credentialing process while still benefiting from economies of scale. For example, our SmartSource primary source solution enables organization to immediately verify provider files without outsourcing to a centralized credentials verification organization.

System change is not needed: We recognize that your colleagues have existing credentialing systems that they have invested in – and that they like! So, applying the ATM model, we have created an import/export feature that allows for the easy use of our communicative technologies with any software system.
" The key to participation in a state-wide initiative such as ours is a flexible technology that meets not only every group's needs, but every user's. CredentialSmart gives us just that. Each hospital and health plan gets what they need while providers now have one easy-to-use solution for all of their credentialing applications. "

Rick Kreyer,
Vice President, Minnesota Hospital Association