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Powering Emergency Reponses with Proven and Configurable Technologies

Connect Your Entire Response Community with CredentialSmart's Emergency Response Management System

Comprehensive emergency response efforts require collaboration between many participants, both in advance of a disaster and during it. Your technology solution must enhance and extend these relationships not impede them. CredentialSmart's Emergency Response Management System (ERMS) provides this type of connectivity across your response community by giving each user what they need to quickly and effectively participate in your response. Whether the user is a local health department, hospital emergency response coordinator or volunteer provider, they will encounter a system interface that makes sense to them and gives them just what they need.

Just like with our commercial products, the CredentialSmart ERMS is comprised of four different components that your organization can use together as a unified platform or select from individually to enhance your current system. In fact, many CredentialSmart clients have made a past investment in a solution and choose one or more of our interoperable technologies to improve their system. The four products that comprise CredentialSmart ERMS are:

ApplySmart Volunteer Registry: Our years of experience in streamlining the health care provider application process are brought to bear in our nimble and easy-to-use volunteer registry product.

SmartSource Credentials Verification Portal: Our business is based on connectivity. This philosophy is best demonstrated by our lengthy list of automated primary sources that enables your response team to immediately verify a volunteer's credentialing either in advance or at the response site.

PrivilegeXchange Hospital Affiliation Portal: This component of our system gives hospital a powerful tool that helps them meet TJC disaster credentialing requirements while helping your program get the data it needs to fully use a volunteer's expertise.

CredSmart Deployment Management: The administrative hub of CredentialSmart ERMS, CredSmart gives your team and local health departments the robust response management features it needs to comprehensively respond to a disaster.
" The CredentialSmart system gives us the flexibility to incorporate hospitals into our preparedness efforts in a way that meets their specific needs. During a response, a hospital in the NW corner of our state can verify the privilege level of a volunteer based at a Milwaukee hospital. "

Dennis Tomczyk,
Director, Hospital Emergency Preparedness
Wisconsin Division of Public Health